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Unlock Your Inner Artist: A Treasure Trove of Free Art Resources

Art is for everyone regardless of skill level or budget. In today’s digital age, countless free resources are available online to fuel your creativity. Whether you want to explore new mediums, learn art fundamentals, or gain inspiration from masters.

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

Many great free art resources are available online and in your local community. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Museums and galleries: Many museums and galleries offer free admission or discounted rates for students and seniors. They also often have online collections that you can browse from home. Some notable examples include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, and the British Museum.
  • Libraries: Libraries are a great resource for finding art books, magazines, and DVDs. They may also offer art classes or workshops.
  • Online resources: There are many websites and blogs that offer free art tutorials, tips, and inspiration. Some popular options include Creative Bloq, Skillshare, and Pinterest.
  • YouTube channels: There are many talented artists who share their skills and knowledge on YouTube. Some popular channels include The Art Sherpa, Bob Ross, and Mark Crilley.
  • Local art groups and communities: Many cities and towns have art groups and communities that offer free or low-cost workshops, critiques, and other events. These can be a great way to meet other artists and learn new skills.

Free Art Resources for Types of Art

In addition to these general resources, there are also many free resources available for specific types of art, such as:

  • Drawing: There are many websites and books that offer free drawing tutorials and tips. Some popular options include Proko, Drawabox, and the Loomis method.
  • Painting: There are many websites and books that offer free painting tutorials and tips. Some popular options include Creative Bloq, Artists Network, and Wetcanvas.
  • Photography: There are many websites and blogs that offer free photography tutorials and tips. Some popular options include Digital Photography School, Improve Photography, and Photography Talk.
  • Sculpture: There are many websites and books that offer free sculpture tutorials and tips. Some popular options include The Spruce Crafts, Instructables, and Makezine.

Discover New Mediums with Free Online Courses

Internet platforms have made art education more accessible than ever before. Websites like Coursera and edX host massive open online courses (MOOCs) taught by professors from top universities. Classes cover everything from drawing to painting to art history. Many are free to audit so you can dip your toes in different styles and techniques at no cost. Taking online courses is a great way to experiment with new mediums from the comfort of your own home.

Here is a list of free art courses available online that you might find interesting:

  1. Anatomy of the Human Body for Artists by Proko (Proko) – Approximately 23 hours of content focusing on human anatomy for artists[1].
  2. Perspective Drawing by Dan Beardshaw – A 2-3 hour course on perspective drawing techniques[1].
  3. Drawing Nature, Science, and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 (University of Newcastle) – A course that takes 18-36 hours and covers natural history illustration[1].
  4. Art of Caricature by Proko – Offered on YouTube, this course teaches how to draw caricatures using various techniques[1].
  5. ART of the MOOC: Public Art and Pedagogy by Duke University – A 7-week course with 4–6 hours of work per week on public art and pedagogy[2].
  6. Online Drawing Classes – Free online drawing classes taught by artist-instructor Barbara DiLorenzo, emphasizing drawing with pen or pencil on paper, featuring works from the Museum’s collections[5].
  7. In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting – A MOOC by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) focusing on postwar abstract painting[7].
  8. Seeing Through Photographs – Also by MoMA, this course offers insights into photography as an art form[7].
  9. Art Through Time: A Global View – A free online video course that provides a global perspective on art[7].
  10. Introduction to Digital Photography by Marc Levoy, Stanford/Google – A course that covers the fundamentals of digital photography[7].

These courses cover a range of topics from drawing and illustration to photography and art history, and they are offered by various institutions and platforms such as Proko, Duke University, the Museum of Modern Art, and more. You can enroll in these courses to enhance your art skills and knowledge at your own pace.

Links to Courses:
[1] 12 Best Free Drawing Courses for Beginners to Take in 2023
[2] 10 University Art Classes You Can Take for Free Online
[3] 20000+ Best Art & Design Courses and Certifications for 2023
[4] Online courses | MoMA
[5] Online Drawing Classes (all ages)
[6] The Best Online Art Courses (That are FREE Right Now!)
[7] Free Art & Art History Courses
[8] Free Online Drawing and Sketching Classes

Artists throughout history gained inspiration from exploring the work of their peers and predecessors. While travelling to major museums isn’t possible for all, the digital era has unlocked access to renowned collections from leading institutions. Websites like Google Arts & Culture and the Metropolitan Museum of Art host virtual tours and high-resolution images of acclaimed works you can study for free. 

Platforms like these provide a wealth of study material for artists. You can examine masterworks up close on your computer, zooming in on techniques and details. Doing so builds your visual library and kicks your creativity into high gear. Even just browsing collections can ignite new ideas and spark your artistic vision. The best part? You don’t need to live near or be able to visit major museums – their collections are at your fingertips at any time for free.

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No matter what your interests are, there are sure to be many free art resources available to help you learn and grow as an artist. So get out there and start exploring!

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